Monday, November 23, 2009

Note from a sponsor -Thanks for SHARE food program

Periodically we get notes from our sponsors that show just how special their experiences with the families the sponsor are. This one came today.
I have been honored to sponsor an elder for the last year with Share...Today, I received a phone call from my elder wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and thanking me for the Huge Share Thanksgiving box that was sent to her and her family. She was clearly excited and conveyed to me how excited the children were to have turkey AND pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

I am so humbled and so moved today. How clearly we take so much for granted. I wish I could buy her the moon.

I wanted to say thank you to Share, all the people who work so tirelessly and diligently to put this program together for all peoples. It is such a huge blessing to both the giver and the receiver. I hope each of you involved in Share know that I, for one, thank you for all your hard work.

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings everyone.
M. J.

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