Friday, October 24, 2008

Computers on the Rez

Hello Everyone!

These are 2 pictures of 2 beautiful little girls (as you can see). A computer was donated to their family just recently. Their mom reads and writes very little, but is using the computer to increase her skills. Their father uses it to advertise his beadwork on eBay. He has beautiful medallions posted there. The girls use it to do their homework. As we all know, this is a wonderful asset for this family to have with the way technology is going. Just wanted to share. Hope all has a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Francine Janis's Brother....

Hi Everyone,

I just received a e-mail from Francine Janis, who lives @Pine Ridge in the Town of Kyle, SD. She was very upset, because she just got word that her brother has had a heart attack. She's feeling pretty down, but I offered her positive thoughts about medical technology and heart attacks. After all, I've survived 6! Francine and her husband Chester Standing Bear are expert Beaders and provide One Spirit with beadwork for resale in several different venues. If you can take a moment and send Francine a e-mail of support and love, I'd sure be appreciative! Francine's E-mail address is: francinejanis@hotmail.com

Edward Broken Feather

Can You Spare a Square?

Lorna, a fellow volunteer, writes:

When I first learned about the living conditions on Pine Ridge, I thought, "What can I do?". Well being a crocheter and on several Charity Crafting yahoo groups, I know how generous crafters can be. So, I spread the word and boy did they come through! They sent hats, booties, baby sweater and blankets, lapghans and 400 + squares.
But, we need more squares. Bright colors, dark colors, baby colors, any colors. We need sizes 6", 7" or 12" WW acrylic or wool (just label them "wool"). Think warm when choosing a pattern. Patterns with no holes are best.
Have the yarn, but no time or projects started and will never get back to or squares that are too small? We will take them and put them to use. I have joiners waiting for squares.
Please contact me at lfletcher@nativeprogress.org for more information or the address to send the yarn and/or squares.

Lakota Made Jewelry For Sale on eBay

Check out these beautiful items that are currently for sale on eBay.
Proceeds from the sales go directly to the artist and to help with the heating assistance program through ONE Spirit.
To find these items on eBay, you can search for ONE Spirit through the Giving Works tab which is under catagories, on the bottom left of the eBay home page.

Hello from Christy!

Hello! It's nice to "meet" you. :) We are all very excited about getting this blog up and going. We have so much information we'd like to share with all of you. This is kind of our way of putting a face to the reservation and the sponsors - Cyber Style, a way to get to know each other a little. From here on going forward you will see things like fundraising ideas, Native made goods for sale and where, positive little tid bits about how the sponsor help is really helping and friendships made, happenings on the rez, happenings elsewhere related to ONE Spirit & other various things about sponsoring and ONE Spirit programs. I'd really like to get some Lakota cultural information on here as well. Something to work on. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this blog and find it's useful and makes you feel good.

Until next time.....

New One Spirit Blog...........

Hi Everyone!

I'm Ed, sometimes known as Broken Feather. I'm what you'd call a serious volunteer, helping to raise funds for One Spirit! Primarily, I'm a vendor at Native American Pow-wow's held in the Northeast. 100% of the revenue raised by me, goes to One Spirit, for the program, that's on the front burner, at the time. I also provide a few of the artist's on Pine Ridge a fair market venue for the sale of their goods, which really excites me. I make no secret about the appreciation I have for Jeri Baker (Our Director), and her willingness to work with me, via e-mails and the phone. I've been chosen to be an author to this blog, because of my on going interest, in getting more people involved with One Spirit, and our efforts to help the Lakota people, become sulf-sufficient. Please, tell your friends and relatives about our blog and have them join, in discussion, with us, about articles that will be forth coming. We're wide open for comments and ideas about helping the Lakota become self-sufficient. The only way to make a difference is to get involved. Please help us spread the word!