Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"To The Greatest People I Have Ever Had the Privilege Working With."

From Jeri Baker:

The last few days since the blizzard blew through the plains - and through Pine Ridge Reservation at upwards of 100 miles per hour - have tested the strength of One Spirit and shown the true meaning of this name for our organization. We have delivered food, wood, lamps, blankets, batteries, water, diapers, gas for the vehicles and any other needed supplies. Together we spread the word about the need even before the media was aware of the urgent situations on the reservation. We worked with the Lakota people, supplying them with the materials and resources they needed to reach and care for their people. This was a true international effort that was highly successful. We will soon have numbers to report to you.
It is not quite over yet. There are still a few families that remain stranded. As of last night, they hoped to reach those people. It is still a few days before the electric companies hope to have all service restored. Most important, we begin now to work with the Lakota people to plan for ways that their people can be cared for during the coming winter. Hopefully there will not be another weather situation like this one. But the Lakota people face harsh winters every year. The wood program and the heater program have proven their worth. Project SHARE is a vital resource. The Okini and Youth programs are growing. And we are proud to support the initiatives of the Lakota people to find new and creative ways to expand their economy and care for their people.
You are justified in feeling proud of all that you have done. My thanks and gratitude to each of you.
Love and peace,

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