Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Message from Rosalie

Ehani Was'te (good day) from the Lakota Nation, South Dakota, I send a strong heart felt hand shake to all of you.

Yes, we worked hard here on our lands, especially the workers and their families and myself to get alternate heat (wood, gas heaters, etc), pampers, food, etc. out to the families that are still without heat and cannot get out of their homes. But, you all must know that this would not have been possible without your help. The trucks we used to haul wood are gas guzzlers.

My brother and his wife along with another worker and her daughters & son-in-law definately would not have been able to deliver without your support for gas and of course the cost of the supplies that needed to get to the families in need.

My brother told me that when he and his wife went to this Grandma's house they were so grateful for the pick up load of wood that it gave them this feeling of overwhelming gratitude to be able to help. He went on to tell me that the Grandma said that she had no more propane and the wood she had was gone. They unloaded and left the Unc'i's (grandma) home with such thankfulness that they were able to be a part of the giving we at One Spirit did. They went on to tell us that the next day they were going to get another load of wood when this elderly man was walking on the highway. They picked him up and took him to the store to get some food supplies and took him home. When they got to his little one room cabin he asked my brother if he would help him start his wood stove. He went inside and said his house was a little on the chilly side and the Grandpa said he was trying to save on his wood. My brother helped him get his stove going and visited him for awhile then told him that he would bring him wood and check on him. The Grandpa was very happy about this.

This morning I took my three grandchildren and prayed with them for all the families in Wanblee and Kyle that are still struggling with having no heat, electricity and some with little or no food. We also prayed for all those that had to leave their homes and are staying at the shelters. We gave thanks for all that we have the water we drink, the air we breathe, the four legged, the winged and the snow that we have. We gave thanks for the warmth and the food we have and we gave thanks for Tunkashila sending the children to us to care for. We prayed for all those that were struggling with alcoholism and drugs as it is a sickness and to have pity for them. We prayed and gave thanks for our children and elders.

And, now I send to you all prayers and thanks from my heart and hope that the great blanket of snow wrap around you and protect you and it does with me and my family.

Wopila (thank you)
Rosalie Janis,
One SpiritLakota Nation - Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation
Manderson, South Dakota

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