Friday, November 7, 2008

Hi Everyone,

We all know by now that PRR was blasted with a horrific blizzard over the past two days. This is a up date from a friend of mine, and the Francine Janis Family at PRR.

Hi Ed -

I just got home from my gig this morning and called Francine to see how they are weathering this storm. Their street doesn't have power back yet, but nearby ones do and Francine said that Tiffany heard on the radio that they might have it back by noon today.

They ran out of wood last night, so she broke up an old dresser and they burned that! She said the drifts were so high Chester couldn't make it out to get more wood. It's mostly stopped snowing, but still windy, and the wind made all the drifts icy, so it's a nightmare to get around at all.

I had been worried that the kids maybe got stranded on the bus home from school when the storm hit, but she said they made it back ok that day and the electricity didn't go out until about 6pm.

Do you know how Willene Kills Enemy's family is doing? I've got them all in my prayers - it sure feels weird to be sitting in my nice warm house typing on my computer knowing how cold everyone out there is . . .

Tok 'sa kola

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    The Governor of SD has declared a state of emergency.

    The Office of Emergency Preparedness has begun airlifting out people of the rez who are on oxygen and/or dialysis. They have started in the community of Wanblee and hope to expand to the rest of the communities today, including Evergreen and Porcupine.

    The Red Cross will go in today with blankets and supplies as are needed and as they are able to access the various areas. They will be following behind the plows. They will also be working very closely with the various government agencies.


    With the generosity of One Spirit people, we have been able to provide food and wood to families and elders; gas for people with 4 wheel drive to deliver food and wood and to reach those who live in outlying areas; and other emergency supplies, i.e. batteries, water, blankets, and food for animals. Because of the wood program, our arrangements for food, and our processes that provide people on the reservation with the ability to respond to emergencies, we were able to provide effective support during this urgent need.

    We have been in regular contact with the American Red Cross and will be working with them after this emergency has passed to solidify plans for meeting emergencies on the reservation.

    We are blessed to have been in a position to help during this emergency. What is important now is to plan so that emergencies do not find us unprepared.


    We are continuing to get calls to help people who are isolated and stranded without heat and food. Many in areas south and east of Kyle, the Wambli area, Long Valley, and outlying areas of Oglala. The people on the reservation who work with us are making wood and food deliveries as quickly as they can to prepare for the possibility of more snow tomorrow and Monday.

    Whatever you can do to help will make a difference now and as we prepare for the rest of the winter.

    We and the Lakota people are very grateful for you.