Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hello Everyone!
Check out the beautiful beadwork medallion made by Chester Sitting Bear from Pine Ridge Reservation. It's a striking example of Chester's ability to create a masterpiece. The center of the feather is actually a broken porcupine quill ! One amazing fact about Chester, is that he's Color Blind! His wife Francine picks out the color of beads for him.
Anyone interested in having their own medallion made, can contact me, and I'll supply you with Chester's e-mail address. Be forewarned that the Medallions are not cheap! It takes Chester days and days to make a medallion and it's a source of income for his family.
The 2009 Pow-Wow season in New England will begin in May, and I can't wait to display this Medallion with the rest of my Regalia.
Tok 'sa Aka, Lakota for, "Until Later".
Broken Feather

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