Saturday, December 18, 2010

Letter from a sponsor

This letter from a current ONE Spirit sponsor is typical of the feelings expressed by so many who help our friends in need on the Pine Ridge Reservation . . .

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is enjoying the upcoming Christmas season.

I finally got my shopping done and my boxes mailed to my elder. She received them on Wednesday. I had included blankets and gloves, clothing for her and toys and candy for her grandchildren. This is my second year of sponsorship with my family. As usual, the family is so thankful and so grateful for anything they get.

It is such a blessing for me. I went into sponsorship because I have always felt so strongly about Native Americans, I wanted to help, but every single time, I am the one that receives the blessing. I am the one whose life has been enriched, I am the one who has been shown such kindness and reminded on a daily basis how thankful I should be. I am the one who has been given the greatest gift of friendship and acceptance. My meager gifts of food and gifts have been nothing compared to the blessing of my family. If you are thinking of sponsoring, I can assure you, the blessings are abundant.

Thank You One Spirit and the many folks that work so hard every single day to provide a honest and love filled organization so that we can help. Without you all, none of this would happen. There is always kindness, always willingness to answer questions and everyone goes way above what would be their "duty". I cannot speak highly enough of the people of One Spirit. You bless us all.

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and May everyone be blessed.

Michelle J.

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