Thursday, February 26, 2009

Letter from a sponsored family

Many ONE Spirit sponsors exchange letters or phone calls with those they sponsor. Below is a letter one sponsor recently received, and both the sponsor and the writer gave us permission to share it with you . . . Connections like this make sponsoring a family, an elder or a child through ONE Spirit a very personal and remarkable experience.

Thank you so much for writing back. I got comfort from you when you said that new people in our lives bring happiness. My baby filled a void that my family didn't know was there. We were sitting around watching her play on the carpet and my husband wondered how we were living without her. You both were right. Just looking at her fills my heart with joy. I watch her sleep and see how beautiful she is.

She's a big girl for her age. She wears a size 5 in pampers and 18 months in clothes. I guess my family is big, my 14 year old is taller than me. Today he stood and made a speech in front of the whole school, tribal council members, state legislators, and the general public. I was so nervous for him, hoping he wouldn't mispronounce words. He kept his cool and I was so proud of him. Out of 180 students he was chosen by the principal and teacher to give this speech. All the sacrifices I have made for my children are so worth it. I spend three hours making dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls for them. Their smiles and thanks are worth my sore feet. I love their noise too.

I am trying to make a video documentary of all the challenges my family has had to go through and send it to a tv show that remodels homes for worthy people. I truly believe my mothers story is worth it. However I have looked high and low for a available camcorder to borrow to make this. I couldn't find any. I tried taking pictures but my camera is missing the memory card. I think I will give up on that and try something different.

It was cold today but the fresh air was welcome. There is an eagle that flies around and I can hear the screeches. One time I saw two of them on the side of a hill close to home. The first glance I thought it was an elderly woman with white hair wrapped in a buffalo robe. That is how big the first eagle was. When I saw the second one, I recognized that they were eagles. I prayed and left them to their business, and my day was a good one.

I must go now, but I hope to hear from you again. You are in my prayers.


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