Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Basic Lakota words

(3/28/09)The basic Lakota word feature is going on vacation for a while . . . please leave a comment if you are really missing it . . . thanks!

For those of you who have been missing the daily Lakota word, we want you to know that it was just on vacation! To tidy up the blog a bit the newest word will now be found to the left, in the sidebar. Thanks to Ed Broken Feather for getting this aspect of our blog going, and for continuing to choose words and expressions for us to learn!

As new words appear there, the old words will be archived in this very post, so that you can always look back here to find the words you may have forgotten or missed. Simply scroll down past the Google Ad bar and under 'Click Below to Read a Series' choose 'Basic Lakota words.'
to help each other: OKICIYA (oh-kee-chee-yah)
peacemaker: GLUSTA (glue-shdan)
potatoes: BLO (bloh)
rainbow: WIGMUKE (wee-gmue-kay)
beadwork: WAKSUPI (wah-kshue-pee)
road: OCANKU (oh-chahn-kue)
night: HAHEPI (hahn-hay-pee)
basket: PSA WOGNAKE(p-shah woh-ghnah)
nose: PASU (pah-sue)
people: OYATE (oh-yah-day)
storm: OSICECA (oh-shee-chay-chah)
water: MNI (mnee)
president: TUNKASILAYA PI (duen-kah-shee-lah-yah pee)
telephone: MASAPE (mahs-ah-pay)
name: CAJE (chah-zjay)
roof: TICE(dee-chay)
lodge: AKAHPE (ahn-kah-ghpay)
mountain: HE (ghay)
onion: PSIN (p-shee)
sunrise: WIHINAPE(wee-hee-nah-pay)
ancient (old) : TANIKA (dahn-nee-kah)
beef: TALO (dah-loh)
bee: TEMUGA ZIZILA (day-mue-ghah zjee-zjee-lah)
canned fruit: WASKUYECA (wahsh-kue-yea-chah)
old woman: WIHUHCALA (wee-nue-ghchah-lah)
old man: WECAHCALA (wee-chah-ghchah-lah)
sleep: ISTIME (ee-shdee-may)
acorn:UTA (ue-dah)
teeth: HI (hee)
thread: HAHUTA (hah-ghuen-dah)
wagon: CAPAPI (chahn-pahn-pee)
words: WICO IYE (wee-choh ee-yea)
yard: HOCOKA (hoh-choh-kah)
young girl: WICICALA (wee-chee-chah-lah)
milk (from a cow):ASANPI YUSLI PI (ah-sahn-pee yue-slee pee)
mail: WOWAPI (woh-wah-pee)
lizard: AGLESKA (ah-glay-shkah)
kettle: CEGA (chay-ghah)
job: WOWASI (woh-wah-shee)
Tomatoes: OJIJITKA (ohn-zjee-zjee-dkah)
Song: OLOWA (oh-loh-wahn)
Rice (wild): PSIN (pshee)
Trousers: UZOGI (uen-zoh-ghee)
Prayer: WOCEKIYE (woh-chay-kee-yea)
Rope: WIKA (wee-kahn)
poles (for a tipi) : TUSU (due-shue)
puppy: WUNHPALA (wuen-ghpah-lah)
honor: YUONIHA (yue-oh-nee-hahn)
oxen: PTE BLOKA (pday bloh-kah)
mule: SOSOLA (shohn-shohn-lah)
life: WICONI (wee-choh-nee)
insect: WABLUSKA (wah-blue-shkah)
knife (kitchen): MIYUTAPAPI (mee-yue-dah-pah-pee)

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