Thursday, December 18, 2008

John DuBray in Norway

This is from Kari in Norway who attended the Alternative Fair with John.

If someone has been waiting for my report about John DuBray's visit in Oslo, I wanted to wait until I got news about what happened after I left that Sunday afternoon. John spent a week in Norway so there were many things I wasn't part in. I spent 24 hours there with him at the fair and it was a meeting between 2 people not used to the big city. It was a meeting I will never forget and I felt I met a true, honest friend.

A lot of people wanted to talk with him. One that was really special was a little boy. His mother brought him over and said the little one thought he had been an Indian in an earlier life. She told him about a horse they had, about sickness in the family. John gave the little boy a gift and after they let, this boy came back to John over and over again. You can see him and his mother in one of the pictures. People also came to John with presents and some with money to help his people.

Well, I went back home on Sunday. John stayed until Wednesday and he was on the Norwegian radio and even on a TV show where he talked about the reservation. And now, they want to go to Pine Ridge to make a documentary and John was asked to be in it. That was wonderful news! I found that many Norwegians have no idea about the conditions on the reservation.

After the fair closed Saturday evening, we went to get a bite to eat. John stated something there as we were walking in the streets. Maybe he knew what we Norwegians always have said.... that everything is so big in America?? I am still smiling. His words were: "Your cars are so small". I hope our roads will cross again.

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  1. John, I'm so appreciative of the way you have represented yourself, One Spirit, and the Oglala Lakota Sioux Nation. You have accomplished an extraordinary feat of humanity, that will be remembered for years to come. I sir, commend you.