Monday, November 24, 2008

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Hi Everyone!

This past weekend I set up as a vendor and Representative of One Spirit, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Thanksgiving event was Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it was sponsored by the Plymouth Town Council and included a 12 Division Parade on Saturday. Several extremely large tents were set up, right beside "Plymouth Rock", in Plymouth Rock Memorial Park, to hold all the vendors. I was in a tent dedicated to Native American's that were vending Native American Crafts.

The weather was blustery, in the high 20's, with a 25 MPH wind off of Plymouth Harbor. Everyone in attendance was chilled to the bone. I especially felt bad for the band members, scouts, cheer leaders and others that marched in their frilly uniforms!

In talking to the people walking through the tent, it's absolutely amazing how many people never even heard about the Lakota Sioux or their mis-treatment and neglect by the US Government. Nothing makes me happier than giving out One Spirit's homepage to the people that will listen to me. Making them aware of the statistics involving the Lakota people, can sometimes be a little teary, but I do my best to capture the people's attention and in asking them to help One Spirit in our mission. I'm certainly not bashful when it comes to getting peoples attention, and I pull all sorts of antics to do so. If I just sit in my booth, they walk on by, but if I offer free Mohawk haircuts, or painless scalping, I get their attention! Then I can tell them about One spirit and the Lakota people. It also helps being dressed in Native Regalia when other vendors are not. Their eyes get larger, when they relize that they're talking to a real Indian. (I'm third generation Canadian Mohawk living in the US).

Some shows and pow-wow's, can be great, but this weekend's bitter cold and the present economy tended to have people, not spend their money so easily. I managed to raise a little over three heaters worth this weekend by my actions. Better than if I just stayed home, but I'd hoped to raise more!

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