Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello From Norway

From a fellow volunteer, Kari, from Norway:

We are saying that everything comes from the USA. Yes, I received a mail from Jeri that there is to be a fair here in Norway where John Dubray also is going to be. The Norwegian "Help The Indians" which is managed by Olav Redheart Husby, sponsors John's trip across the ocean. It's a very big alternative fair that has taken place in Oslo, our capitol, for 10 years. There will be about 450 stands from a lot of countries. Denmark, Sverige, USA, England, Tykland, Spania and Australia are among the countries that are represented and, they are expecting at least 25,000 visitors from all over Europe. You can find almost anything there. Different healing methods, meditations, yoga, spirituality, you name it. There are also stands about how to deal with the pollution of our planet. And, a whole lot of different things that I don't even want to try to translate into English.

And, of course Olav Redheart and his organization will be there along with John DuBray. Hopefully this will lead to more people learning about Pine Ridge Reservation and wanting to get involved in helping. As Jeri advised me to, I wrote Olav about a week ago, just to introduce myself since we are both working with One Spirit. He called me yesterday and, guess what! He wanted me with them at the fair. He even offered to pick me up at the railway station and bring me there. You know.... farmers in town....!! I would probably never get in the city again if I should manage on my own. So, Saturday 22nd November I will load up my pickup with a sleeping bag and some coffee and I will drive the 4.5 hours to Oslo, join John DuBray and Olav Redheart Husby. What an experience for a little woman of the rural woods in a valley in Norway.

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  1. Hi Keri,

    Thank you for telling us about the journey you will be taking to join John DuBray and Olav in Oslo. I'm so excited for you. I learned that John would be representing The Oglala Lakota Sioux Nation and One Spirit, about a week ago in a phone conversation with Jeri Baker. I'm so excited for John as well. I hope that you have the opportunity to take plenty of pictures and share them with the One Spirit network of Volunteers, via our new Blog. Wishing you great success while in Oslo.


    Broken Feather