Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Heater Delivery People

This is a story that came from the reservation last week:

Saturday while we were doing the food delivery, some heaters were brought to me. My brother, who has a huge long box truck, came and helped me deliver heaters around the Manderson area and loaded the rest and took them out to my place.
On Sunday, I met my brother and his wife and we loaded the rest of the heaters and left at 9:00 am to deliver them. We went from Manderson to Sharps and gassed up. From there we delivered three heaters around the Sharps area.
After Sharps we left for Red Shirt. We delivered there and moved onto Oglala, Mission Flats, Pine Ridge and most of Wounded Knee.
We completed Red Shirt, Oglala and Pine Ridge. We have about 4 more to deliver in Wounded Knee and 3 in Manderson. We still have all of Porcupine with the exception of the ones we did at Sharps. One of the ladies called me from Sharps and said her heater was cracked. I told her I would come and take it and give her a different one. We are going to finish the delivery this afternoon.
We hit the road at 9:oo am yesterday and I got home about 8:30 pm. It was a very long, cold and very windy day, but we felt so good when we took the heaters to some of the homes. They had blankets hanging to keep one room warm (living room) and everyone was sleeping in that one room because they had no propane. The ones that did have propane said, "Good. Now we can save what little propane we have.". It just melted my heart to know that the heaters we delivered came at a time that was very much needed.
We traveled in a complete circle, about 142 miles. My brother and sister in law are very fun to travel with and they sure worked hard. I gave them a heater and some food that was extra from SHARE for helping us.
This afternoon should be a shorter delivery day as we just need to go to Porcupine and Wounded Knee and we will have accomplished our mission of heaters, Yoooo!

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