Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome to the One Spirit Blog!

We are so excited to launch the One Spirit blog!  

We hope that this blog will allow you to connect with us on a more regular basis.  We will be bringing you a regular schedule of updates about the charity, goings on at the reservation, and ways that you can help.  Check back frequently for updates, or better yet, subscribe to our feed through RSS (see our side bar for the orange RSS link).    

Love and Peace
Jeri Baker

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  1. Welcome Everyone!

    I love the idea of this blog. I just was a vendor at a pow-wow this past weekend in Lincoln Rhode Island, put on by the Circle of Wisdom Metis Intertribal Council. 100% of the proceeds that I generate go towards our heater program. Please don't hesitate to add your comments on items of common interest!Got an idea for a fund raising project, let us know about it.

    One Spirit Volunteer,

    Edward Broken Feather